Monday, 28 May 2012

Flying Saucer 30 day Blog Challenge!

It's been a while, but I am back!  Been busy with Uni and working lots but I saw Selina at Flying Saucer had created a 30 day Blogger Challenge for the month of May and I was really keen to join in!  I know I'm a little (A lot) later than most, but here are days one to four:

1. Your wardrobe

Geeeez these photos make my wardrobes look MASSIVE!  They really don't look that gigantic in real life... anyway these are my big imposing wardrobes that face my bed.  The first one (nearest you in the top photo) has my dresses and coats on the rail, then my viola and dancing bag on the shelf with my super cool Ikea shoe rack on the bottom!  I now have too many shoes for said rack though so I may need another one ;)  The middle little wardrobe is my main one, from bottom shelf to top I have: undies, tights and some socks, some more socks and jammies, tops, bottoms, jumpers and hats and scarves etc at the top.  This section is usually the messiest because I'm always throwing stuff in and out at speed!  Lastly, the end two doors house my skirts, trousers, and more fancy tops that do better being hung up on the top rail, with my bags and various other bits and bobs on the floor out the way!  I really should clear out that wardrobe seeing it in that photo...

And that's that!  Oh one more thing, I have covered the inside of my doors with various photos, artists etc, purely because my Mum would go ballistic if i covered my walls!


2. You have the most...

This was a toughie, because I recently threw a lot of stuff out!  At first my answer was going to be feather boas because it have about a dozen from various dancing shows but I though they were a bit impractical!  So instead I went with something I realise I have more than my fair share of...

I have loads (around 15) of big old slouchy t-shirts!  I don't even have a proper explanation for the collection either; I think mainly because they're good for dancing or when I'm on study leave.  Here are a few of my favourite ones:

Victims T (Killers fangroup) was a was unexpected Birthday gift, Scottish Ballet Romeo and Juliet tour T, some malt shop tie-dye number Sam gave me, Shark member T from when I did West Side Story ('MON THE SHARKS)

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