Thursday, 3 May 2012

few reasons why life is good


This lovely white plant that's out in my garden at the moment.  I don't quite know what flower it is, but I love how it's just so white and pure looking.  It works especially well with the darker colours of the others things in the pot and the pot itself.  Kudos to Mum.

It's a lovely sunny day outside, and I've been sitting out in the garden studying.  To cheer me up even more, the sweet little couple next door are sitting out discussing if it's too hot hot have a toastie for lunch, and someone on my street is playing a ukulele.

Now that the sun's coming back out and Summer is almost here, I can wear my wedges again!  I got them from ASOS last summer but it was too late on to wear them out enough, which was saddening.  So now I'm going to take full advantages of the benefits of wedges (stable heel, wear with anything) and ignore the fact they'll make me taller than Sam and wear them as much as I can.

Fish finger sandwiches.  Seriously; these things are AMAZING.  So simple, yet so tasty and satisfying.  I would recommend making yourself one at once, they're not hard.

We got new diluting juice at the weekend; cherry, cranberry and raspberry I think.  It's super tasty, and goes very well mixed with lemonade.

Finally, life is currently good because LOOK!  Look at my new, pretty dress!  Isn't it purdy?  See all the daisy print and the big skirt and how it's so summery?  It makes me feel like a little girl again.

Look at that little cut out bit at the back; so cute!  And the little gold buttons!  Do you know what the best part is though?  I get to wear this to work!  This is my newest piece of uniform and it's safe to say I love it.

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