Sunday, 7 September 2014

Seeing Glasgow: Glasgow Green and People's Palace

My boyfriend Alex is from Perth, so I always forget that Glasgow isn't second nature to him.  I love taking him to lots of different places around town and showing him more of this fabulous city!  It also gives an excuse to do the more touristy things as Alex is technically a tourist.  We've been on an open top bus, round Kelvingrove and a rather ill fated trip to the Transport Museum (I accidentally took us to the wrong side of the river) and earlier on in the week we walked through Merchant City and through Glasgow Green which was a lovely day!

Glasgow Green is basically just a massive park, so we went a stroll through the greens until we got to the People's Palace.  The massive Greenhouse is lovely inside and then we went on to the little museum part.  It has lots of interesting titbits and history of the city and everything it's been through, from the wars to the state of housing through the years.  Apparently just outside the building was where they would hang criminals back in the day, charming!  After wandering around and soaking up some new knowledge (Alex found out what "doon the watter" meant!) we headed back over to Trongate area to get some lunch.  I'd spied a little cafe on the way in that looked nice and most importantly was cheap so we went there.  For the life of me I can't remember the name of the place but it was great!  We both just had a sandwich but mine was delicious; chicken with garlic mayo, sundried tomatoes and rocket.  It also came with a salad and coleslaw.  Usually I absolutely despise coleslaw in restaurants and cafes as they rarely make their own but this one was home made and really tasty!  Thumbs up all round.

We headed back to Alex's after that, we were both very tired and very full!  It was the first time I'd seen him since I got back from Spain so it was a really simple, but lovely day :)

Friday, 5 September 2014

A very long winded welcome back

It's been a bloody long time hasn't it?  Every year I seem to go through a phase where I decide I will BLOG and I will BLOG WELL and I will KEEP IT UP and that inevitably falls by the wayside after a bit.  But this year I want to try and keep it up in one way or another.  I think last time I focused too much on fashion and clothes and stuff.  But after reading other blogs I think I'd like to focus still on some fashion and style but also bring in lifestyle and just my day to day happenings.  Will that work?  I have no clue but hey ho!

To start things off I thought I would do a round up of what I've been up to in the last month as it was a big one!  For the month of August I lived with a family in the region of Galicia in Spain and was an Au Pair.  Overall it was a brilliant experience.  The most I've ever been away from home before has been two weeks, and even then that has been holidays with my parents so a whole month away on my own was quite daunting but I'm so glad I did it!  I think everyone should do something like this at least once in their life.  I really want to do something else abroad now, I think I have serious Wanderlust!

I was worried I was going to be very busy, as I would be looking after and teaching English to four kids between the ages of five and 12.  As an only child and the youngest in my immediate family, I knew I was probably taking on a lot but it went slightly better than I feared.  I taught English for two hours each weekday, and then would "supervise" them all while they played on the beach.  I use supervise in the loosest terms as the beach was literally their back garden and so they knew it like the back of their hand!  I just had to sit on the beach, keep a vague eye on them and all the while soak up the sun!

I will be the first to admit that it wasn't as fab as that may sound.  There were very, very trying times with the children (one particularly vivid memory of having to clean up orange sick springs to mind), but I just had to keep telling myself that they were only kids at the end of the day.  The fact that I had weekends off and could explore nearby towns or even just lie on the beach and not have a care in the world was also a good thought to keep me going!

The month actually flew in, and though I got homesick near the end and felt pretty lonely at times, pretty soon I was off to spend my last day in Santiago before my flight.  The city was beautiful, I love old stone cities with narrow streets and cobbled lanes.  It was swelteringly hot though, so I maybe didn't get to see everything I could have, but what I did see I loved.  I spent most of Tuesday travelling home, have now been back two days and it feels like I haven't been away!  I feel like I've probably ranted on for long enough now so will finish this first post back with a few photos from my month away :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fringe Fun

Shorts - Vintage Levis
Top - H&M
Scarf - Accessorize
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Converse
Bag - River Island

I'm gutted that I've not been able to post more often, as I have a tonne of ideas and inspiration for outfits!  But it's just so difficult to find the time to get everything on and rely on the weather to be nice enough to set up my (superbly crap) camera out in the garden.  Add to that fitting it around working basically full time over the holidays, and the fact that I like to take blog photos when I'm in the house myself so as not to get a load of questions from the parents, and that doesn't leave many opportunities!

The photos here were taken when I spent the day at the Edinburgh Fringe with Alex.  It's basically a month long celebration of the creative arts, with over 1,000 shows on throughout the city!  We managed to see four when we were there and absolutely loved every single one.  I would definitely recommend it, and considering we went to see a musical, an improvised soap, an acapella group and a movement based protest again the Palestine conflict, there's absolutely something for everyone!

Here's to hopefully more updates in the future!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Breakfast at Tiff's

Dress - Warehouse
Shoes - Office
Bag - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Warehouse
Lipstick - Revlon True Red

love that I get to wear this dress to work.  It was a grower on me though, since I almost never wear black and like more colourful, girly shapes.  But It's just so simple a classic that the moment I put it on I knew I could get so much wear out of it.  I wear it with sandals in work, but here I put on my brand new, super sexy heels that Alex treated me to from the Office sale, and I love it just as much.  I feel kind of like a modern Audrey Hepburn in the Breakfast at Tiffany's heyday in this get up, even more so when I wear it with a massive bun in my hair.  A bit of simple classy-ness always goes down well!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aztec Cowgirl

Shirt - New Look
Top - Fat Face
Shorts - New Look
Boots - Office

The weather stayed really sunny for a few days last week, so I made the most of it with another outfit post.  I was off work for a good few days in a row which was great, partly because I didn't have to spend all day inside a shop, and partly because I could wear things other than my uniform! I made the most of the day, and after pottering round the house I completed my first number choreography wise for Annie!  I was pleasantly surprised in that it didn't take me as log as I worried it would, so now I just need to get cracking with the rest and I will be a happy chappy :)

P.s I totally miss the colour I was here. Got a spray tan for my dancing show and it's all gone now! Back to being a pale little ghost, sob :(

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Birthday Outift

As I said previously, I loved what I wore out for my Birthday!  Since it was sunny today, I thought I'd get it all back on and even add some more bits and pieces to it :)

Dress - Motel Rocks
Bag - New Look
Shoes - Converse

The paisley pattern on this Motel Rocks is gorgeous, and a really nice shade of blue which is perfect for summer!  I'm all for heels and looking sleek and classy, but when I'm standing on them for too long I HATE how sore my feet get!  And this in turn just makes me really grumpy, so on the night I just decided to put my good old sequined converse on.  To be honest, I liked the more casual edge it gave the dress.  The pink headdress isn't actually a headdress; it's a garland from the West End Festival that I went along to a week or so ago.  I loved the colour, so just kirby gripped it round my head to DIY a headband!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lots of big news

Ok, so the last few weeks have been pretty manic for me.  Like, so much good stuff happening, which is crazy good, but also a little terrifying and daunting.

First up, it was my birthday at the start of the month!  Turning twenty was a slightly depressing occasion, but only slightly as I had an absolutely brilliant time.  I went out with my friends the night before, and had a wonderful lunch with my family on the day itself.  I absolutely loved what I wore out at night so I may post something about it!  I got spoiled rotten by my Mum and Dad, friends, and especially Alex, who took me on an overnight stay to Edinburgh!  All in all, the week was a great one, I turned 20 in style!

Next, I was delighted to get an A in my English Language exam at University which meant I can take the subject to honours level!  Though not my original plan, I love the subject and am looking forward to two more years of Crazy Wendy, lolcats, grammar nazis and good old JJ..

A few weeks ago I auditioned to be part of a production of Avenue Q the musical.  I've loved the show for years, seen it twice and so was desperate to be part of it in some way... and I am!!!  I have been cast as one of the Bad Idea Bears (who are effing hilarious) and I couldn't be happier!  Rehearsals are starting soon and the show will be in September, and I can't wait!

Finally, lots of fun dancing related news!  Last night was my dancing school's annual show and it went absolutely brilliantly!  I love love LOVE dancing (as seen pretty clearly here) and this year was no exception.  I was really proud of myself for how I danced, and can't wait to see the DVD and ashamedly make other people watch it too!

And now (this is the big bit) I have something pretty exciting to share.  Every year, along with their main show, the Cecilians produce and perform a show over the course of a weekend.  This year, the show is Annie.  And this year, I'm the choreographer.  Me!!!  I'll be creating and teaching dances for a 60 strong chorus to learn; AHHHHHHHHH!  I really am still in a state of daze as to how it all came about.  Originally myself and my friend James were going to run jointly, but the night before he told me he was pulling out, as he thought another guy deserved it.  So on the train to my interview I hastily wrote up some base ideas for the main chorus numbers, so I'd have something to give to the panel when they asked for creative ideas.  And after about an hour of waiting, they came out to tell me I got the position!  On one hand I am terrified I'm going to cock it all up and the show will be infamously remembered for it's awful dances, on the other I'm worried it's going to be a LOT of work for me to take on when I'm already doing lots, but on yet another hand (I have three now) I am totally over the moon.  My dances are going to be put on stage!  In a musical!

I've not done much to start yet, though I have a few ideas floating around my head.  I'm hopefully going to keep updating here with the progress, but for now I'll leave you with a bit of my inspiration in the form of the cast of Annie performing at this year's Tony Awards.