Sunday, 10 October 2010

me by me

As I was about to type this post, I remembered an essay we did in first year where you had to write about yourself, and title it ME BY ME.  So I thought that's what I'd call this post :)

My name's Megan, and I live in Scotland.  It's an alright place, a bit too much rain and young teams and the like.  But it is also very nice indeed, so yeah I like it :)

I love love love LOVE music.  Seriously, I really do love it that much.  i love how it can totally make you feel a certain way, like make you feel 100% better if you've had a totally crap day.  I love how it can automatically make you remember a specific moment in your life, because it was on at the time or it has something to do with that moment.  I honestly cannot imagine life without music at all.  it would just be crazy.

Call me old fashioned, but I am a total bookworm.  I've always enjoyed reading, I love the escapism of it all.  I cry quite frequently at books too.  Like the last Harry Potter, or most recently Monsters of Men (I was grieving at the end of that book, no joke).  I also quite frequently envy the characters life :P

I like to smile.  I don't see the point in being miserable.

I will always be thankful for having such good friends :)

Musicals are a big passion of mine.  If i could I'd be involved with them for a living but alas, the world is not kind enough to make that a good enough job in the eyes of my parents.  So I am very content for the time being with being a member of The Apollo Players in Glasgow.  Did West Side Story with them last year, and Gypsy in two weeks.  Love it :D

I talk a lot, and am generally viewed as being quite loud.  I am, but I don't mind.

When I think about it, I am quite a romantic.  I like a guy to make the first move, I like going on little dates, I love the feeling you get when a guy says you're amazing or gorgeous or stuff like that.  And I like to think that a hug really can make everything seem better :)

And finally, I am superbly clumsy.  I don't think a day goes by when i don't trip/stumble/fall/bash/knock into something or someone.  And sometimes even thin air

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