Friday, 24 December 2010

Those Christmas lights, keep shining...

Ahh, it has been a heck of a gap since I last posted something here.  But it's Christmas, so I thought I would.

Ahh Christmas!  One of the best times of the year in my humble opinion, it doesn't get much better than this!  One of the main things I love, and it's quite sad, is the fairy lights.  They are just so pretty, and make everything around them pretty.  I love seeing them wrapped round trees, on windows, just in a big bunch somewhere.  I especially love walking through Royal Exchange Square at Christmas time and seeing the blanket of fairy lights above your head.  It's gorgeous, it makes everything else seem just that little bit better.  They make me happy :)  and yes I have just realised how simple that sounds, but simple is good sometimes.

I love Christmas because you spend time with the people you love too.  Family/friends/other halves.  Everybody you care about is who you want to see, and you get to see them, and it's always just such a good atmosphere.

I can't wait for Christmas to come, I am such a big kid :D

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