Thursday, 7 October 2010

i did it! :D

Finally, after going in first year and never going back, I went to Alton Towers with school yesterday.  In first year I was pathetic.  And I really mean it, because I went on NO rides what so ever.  Well, rides yes, but things like the swings and the teacups and (i am ashamed to say it) the squirrell ride.  You see, I'm not the biggest fan of rollercosaters, I always think that the one time I go on them it'll break and we'll all fall off and die.  I'm very paranoid.  So since then I never went on the annual school trip to the place, and stayed in school instead.  Mostly on my own in every class, doing sweet F all.  So this year I thought, right, suck it up and go.  And it did!  I went on every big ride, except 13 (because I couldn't be bothered with it and knew the surprise anyway) and Air, which i was quite gutted about, but when we got there it had a technical problem :(

Anyway, I am VERY proud of myself for conquering my fear of rollercoasters, and now really want to go back and do them all over again! :D

Myself and my looovely mate Steph (who just got a job in Boots- woohoo!)  On the Log Flume.  Because we love it :D

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