Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aztec Cowgirl

Shirt - New Look
Top - Fat Face
Shorts - New Look
Boots - Office

The weather stayed really sunny for a few days last week, so I made the most of it with another outfit post.  I was off work for a good few days in a row which was great, partly because I didn't have to spend all day inside a shop, and partly because I could wear things other than my uniform! I made the most of the day, and after pottering round the house I completed my first number choreography wise for Annie!  I was pleasantly surprised in that it didn't take me as log as I worried it would, so now I just need to get cracking with the rest and I will be a happy chappy :)

P.s I totally miss the colour I was here. Got a spray tan for my dancing show and it's all gone now! Back to being a pale little ghost, sob :(

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