Friday, 10 February 2012

A Slight Obsession...

Ok... I'm just going to come straight out and admit it.

I have an obsession with rolled up shirt sleeves on men.  There.  It's out in the open now for all to see.  Does it feel better?  Only time will tell.

I don't really know why this is.  Even if the guy isn't the nicest looking, if his sleeves are rolled up I immediately pay MUCH more attention to him.  All because of those sleeves.  I remember hearing on the news once that it's something to do with body language; that men who expose their forearm convey a more confident manner and are thus more likely to be interesting, or something like that at least.   It doesn't need to be anything fancy - jeans and checked shirt, a plain black one (yum) or even a blazer and shirt with the sleeves pushed up oh-so-casually.  Anything will do, as long as some of that lovely forearm is showing.

But enough, I'm creeping myself out a little now.  On to some photos I have snooped and found that triggers the disease I christened "Rollyupatosis"

From  See the casual push?

Brandon Flowers, you can do no wrong.

Jake M. Johnson from New Girl.  Couldn't find a photo but in the wedding episode he's got a three piece suit on with braces and the shirt sleeves rolled.  Nom nom.

Indiana Jones.  All rugged, with a few more buttons done for extra yumminess.

THIS, I admit is a bit of an interesting one up against all the other pretty men I've included.  But I think this goes with that science stuff about rolled sleeves exuding confidence and stuff.  Barak is a clever man.

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