Sunday, 7 September 2014

Seeing Glasgow: Glasgow Green and People's Palace

My boyfriend Alex is from Perth, so I always forget that Glasgow isn't second nature to him.  I love taking him to lots of different places around town and showing him more of this fabulous city!  It also gives an excuse to do the more touristy things as Alex is technically a tourist.  We've been on an open top bus, round Kelvingrove and a rather ill fated trip to the Transport Museum (I accidentally took us to the wrong side of the river) and earlier on in the week we walked through Merchant City and through Glasgow Green which was a lovely day!

Glasgow Green is basically just a massive park, so we went a stroll through the greens until we got to the People's Palace.  The massive Greenhouse is lovely inside and then we went on to the little museum part.  It has lots of interesting titbits and history of the city and everything it's been through, from the wars to the state of housing through the years.  Apparently just outside the building was where they would hang criminals back in the day, charming!  After wandering around and soaking up some new knowledge (Alex found out what "doon the watter" meant!) we headed back over to Trongate area to get some lunch.  I'd spied a little cafe on the way in that looked nice and most importantly was cheap so we went there.  For the life of me I can't remember the name of the place but it was great!  We both just had a sandwich but mine was delicious; chicken with garlic mayo, sundried tomatoes and rocket.  It also came with a salad and coleslaw.  Usually I absolutely despise coleslaw in restaurants and cafes as they rarely make their own but this one was home made and really tasty!  Thumbs up all round.

We headed back to Alex's after that, we were both very tired and very full!  It was the first time I'd seen him since I got back from Spain so it was a really simple, but lovely day :)

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