Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lots of big news

Ok, so the last few weeks have been pretty manic for me.  Like, so much good stuff happening, which is crazy good, but also a little terrifying and daunting.

First up, it was my birthday at the start of the month!  Turning twenty was a slightly depressing occasion, but only slightly as I had an absolutely brilliant time.  I went out with my friends the night before, and had a wonderful lunch with my family on the day itself.  I absolutely loved what I wore out at night so I may post something about it!  I got spoiled rotten by my Mum and Dad, friends, and especially Alex, who took me on an overnight stay to Edinburgh!  All in all, the week was a great one, I turned 20 in style!

Next, I was delighted to get an A in my English Language exam at University which meant I can take the subject to honours level!  Though not my original plan, I love the subject and am looking forward to two more years of Crazy Wendy, lolcats, grammar nazis and good old JJ..

A few weeks ago I auditioned to be part of a production of Avenue Q the musical.  I've loved the show for years, seen it twice and so was desperate to be part of it in some way... and I am!!!  I have been cast as one of the Bad Idea Bears (who are effing hilarious) and I couldn't be happier!  Rehearsals are starting soon and the show will be in September, and I can't wait!

Finally, lots of fun dancing related news!  Last night was my dancing school's annual show and it went absolutely brilliantly!  I love love LOVE dancing (as seen pretty clearly here) and this year was no exception.  I was really proud of myself for how I danced, and can't wait to see the DVD and ashamedly make other people watch it too!

And now (this is the big bit) I have something pretty exciting to share.  Every year, along with their main show, the Cecilians produce and perform a show over the course of a weekend.  This year, the show is Annie.  And this year, I'm the choreographer.  Me!!!  I'll be creating and teaching dances for a 60 strong chorus to learn; AHHHHHHHHH!  I really am still in a state of daze as to how it all came about.  Originally myself and my friend James were going to run jointly, but the night before he told me he was pulling out, as he thought another guy deserved it.  So on the train to my interview I hastily wrote up some base ideas for the main chorus numbers, so I'd have something to give to the panel when they asked for creative ideas.  And after about an hour of waiting, they came out to tell me I got the position!  On one hand I am terrified I'm going to cock it all up and the show will be infamously remembered for it's awful dances, on the other I'm worried it's going to be a LOT of work for me to take on when I'm already doing lots, but on yet another hand (I have three now) I am totally over the moon.  My dances are going to be put on stage!  In a musical!

I've not done much to start yet, though I have a few ideas floating around my head.  I'm hopefully going to keep updating here with the progress, but for now I'll leave you with a bit of my inspiration in the form of the cast of Annie performing at this year's Tony Awards.

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