Monday, 9 January 2012

White...Part Two

On to another round of oh so pretty wedding dresses, this time of the more princessy and plain old big dresses.

I don't usually like this type of dress... usually because it's so HUGE and netted and stiff and (more often than not) very blingy and sparkly.  These ones sort of buck that idea though; they're so soft and simple.  Some dresses lend themselves to simplicity, like the detailed ones from last time, but here, the fact that the dress is so big and plain... it almost makes it even more pretty.  That there's only one or two little bits of detail - a ruffle there or a tiny sparkle there, makes it all the more super elegant and gorgeous.  Sigh...


  1. Love the dress choices! I can look at wedding gowns all day!

  2. I know, they are all so gorgeous! If only there was a job where you could wear a new one everyday... That would be my dream!