Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Berry and Gold

What I'm Wearing:

Dress - Boutique in Shawlands.  It's from the same places as my ruffles dress is, but I know the label on this is Crayon.  Never heard of them anywhere else though
Cardigan - H&M
Black Velvet Bag - Mum's wardrobe.  I borrowed this a few years ago to go to someone's party and I love it!  It's just such a simple and stylish bag, and the black velvet makes it that little bit more opulent.  Think the label is actually for BHS

Nails - The main colour is Temptress by No. 7, it's a gorgeous deep berry colour, very nice.  Then I painted Barry M Gold Crackle Polish over my ring finger for a bit of a fancy contrast.

Jewellery - Necklace and charm bracelet from Sam, DKNY sparkly silver watch was a birthday present from my Gran (AKA Neens)

This is what I wore on Monday night, when I went out to celebrate a happy year with my boyfriend.  It's flown in, which I can only assume is a good thing because I've not been bored for one second when I'm around him.  We went to see the lights in George square and went on the chair swings (which broke, gulp) and the big wheel they have up, then went for a curry in Ashton Lane.  I loved every second of it, despite the freezing cold weather.
Here's to many more years of you and I :)

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