Friday, 21 October 2011

Leather Jacket: A love/hate relationship

This is my leather jacket.  Isn't it a beaut?  I got it two Christmas's ago (I think) and I totally love eerything about it.  It's so soft, and so warm, and it can work with so many things.  It can be all rocky with black and jeans and t shirts, or it can bring a nice little tough edge to floaty dresses (like in my last post).

However, there is one teeny, tiny detail that bugs me.  See those studs on the shoulders?  They may look super cool and tough and different, buuuut, when I wear my hair down they ALWAYS catch my hair and pull some strands out.  And let me tell you, it's quite a buggery.  Sometimes I can go a good few hours and be fine, the  BAM!  I'll feel one of my poor hairs trapped under a big shiny stud and will have to gently try and rescue it.

I know this is one little thing, but every now and again I want to shout at my jacket for being so mean.  I have found a way to rectify the problem though.  I have a big black wooly snood type thing, and when I wear that with the jacket the hood suts over the studs, thus stopping any hair trapping!  However, I can only really do this in the colder months, because who wears scarves in summer?

Despite that one little drawback, I think the leather jacket will stay firmly on the "love" list for a long while yet.

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